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29 Dec,2022

Food Junk to Food Jewels

Food prices are approaching an all-time high. Climate change affecting food production has aided this increase over time. However, the covid pandemic and, more recently, the war in Ukraine have precipitated an almost overnight surge in food prices and pushed global food inflation sharply. With no end seen to the war and with steep rises in fertiliser prices, it is anticipated that food prices may increase even further.

So, get ready to practice Zero-Waste Cooking!

Trust me, the little moral boost you feel with every little new way of saving ingredients from the bin is totally worth it. What’s more is that it also helps your wallet cope with price rises. The simple principle — Aim to throw away as little food as possible when cooking and eating.

Getting started with a zero-waste kitchen is as simple as applying the principles of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. This blog shows how new life can be infused by reusing kitchen scraps (customarily thrown away) to create nutritious and lip-smacking dishes.

Watermelon Rinds

After the red part of the watermelon is used, the rind, which comprises the white portion and the green peel, is usually thrown away. But did you know that this portion contains large amounts of fibre and an essential amino acid called citrulline? The white part of the rind is not just used to make tutti-frutti to top desserts with, but also to create savoury dishes. You can grind this along with dosa batter and create watermelon rind dosas. However, if you want a curry to accompany your rotis, here is a recipe you’ll love.

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